What Is EAL? 

EAL is a non-riding programme where each session has a pre-agreed objective. Equines are used to engage, educate and equip participants who are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. 

Why horses? 

Horses make great teachers. They are non-judgemental and provide immediate and honest feedback. The immediacy of the horse‚Äôs response encourages the participant to reflect on why the horse is reacting as it is and, in doing so, identify and reflect upon their own behaviour and emotions. 


Equine Assisted Learning promotes the development of emotional intelligence: 
Internal Motivation 
Social Skills 
Arising from Equine Assisted Learning are improvements in areas such as: 
Problem solving 
Team work 
Respect for others and oneself 
Boundary setting 

What to expect? 

An EAL session is practical, interactive and reflective. Depending on the participant, different EAL activities are developed to target specific areas. 
Establish objectives 
Observation of horses 
De-brief and application 
We are privileged to work collaboratively with both Social Services and our local Education Authority to provide EAL sessions as part of a multi-agency approach.  
We also accept private referrals for EAL sessions. 

See what some of our happy visitors have to say: 

"I really enjoyed working with my brother and sister and with the ponies Ellie and Bert - it made me giggle to see how much Bert likes Ellie, who is not just so keen on him! I can't wait to go back again." Daisy Scott, 10 
'I experienced something magical...spending time with Ellie made me feel calm and happy!' Jack, 11 
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